Recycleballs Green Gold Horse Footing - Down Payment

Recycleballs Green Gold Horse Footing - Down Payment

  • $500.00

Down payment to lock in pricing and be placed on our waitlist.  We will be contacting you for the next steps. 

What is the cost?
The current price is $1.60 per lb FOB our dock in South Burlington Vermont.   Pricing may be subject to change at any time

What are the purchase terms?

  1. All purchases must be fully paid in advance via credit card on our website. 
  2. Pricing and terms are subject to change at any time unless you have placed an order. 
  3. We have limited storage space. Purchases must be taken within 5 days of the agreed pick-up date or be subject to significant delay. 
  4. We sell RGG in 1000lbs lots. Min order = 1000lb FOB our dock in Burlington Vermont.
  5. All deposit orders must be fully paid by the pickup date or within 60 days of the deposit.  Deposits will be forfeited for non-payment within this time frame. We will send a payment link for all deposit orders. 
  6. In the spirit of recycling, supersacs are loaned for your convenience. We ask that all buyers return our supersacs with the prepaid return bins that will be provided to you.

Do you provide delivery options?
Yes, we do. Please contact Jordan at recycleballs.

How much Green Gold do I need for my arena as a resurfacing amendment?
We recommend 1/2lb of Green Gold per square foot in an arena. For example, a 100’x60’ arena is 6,000 square feet, so the recommended amount of Green Gold would be 3,000lbs. This is also in consideration of having 2-3” of existing material within the arena. The amount of Green Gold can be modified to fit your needs. 

How long does the Green Gold last?
Generally speaking, any arena should be re-evaluated every 5-10 years to check the integrity of the base and sand mix on top. So with the Green Gold, you will increase the lifetime of your arena quite a bit because it takes tennis balls roughly 400 years to fully decompose.

Will this help with dust in my arena/moisture retention?
Yes! The microfiber material from the outer layer of the tennis ball will help retain moisture and keep it within the footing, drastically reducing dust. 

How easy is it to install as a resurfacing amendment?
Green Gold is very easy to apply 

  1. Make sure your arena is level, freshly groomed, and has at least 2-3” of existing material. 
  2. Empty super sacks of material across the arena as evenly as possible. We recommend using landscaping rakes and spreading the material as much as possible. Leaving mounds of Green Gold will make it hard for any drag solution to distribute it. 
  3. Add weight to a chain drag and slowly incorporate the Green Gold into your existing footing. Drag in the same fashion as you would groom it. 
  4. It will take a little time for the Green Gold to be fully incorporated into your arena. The more you drag it and ride on it, the better it will become integrated.